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Design Competition

The LeNSes Design Competition engages teams of young designers, students and recent graduates taking part in the challenge of innovating and creating Sustainable Energy for All.

Participants will tackle real-life problems of the African contintent and propose innovative solutions that contribute to create a more sustainable world. Participants will get worldwide exposure and benefit from being active contributors in an international network.

The competition’s objective is to design a sustainable Product-Service System that addresses key environmental and social issues [e.g. food production/consumption, clothing care, public spaces safety, mobility, education/learning, sanitation, sheltering or home activities] of a low and/or middle income community in an African context. The concept should be based on a Locally-based Sustainable Energy System, i.e. coherent with the promising models of Sustainable Product Service systems (S.PSS) and Distributed Renewable Energy (DRE).

To know more about eligibility of entries, deadlines and competition procedures, download the LeNSes Competition Information Pack

For more information visit the page on LeNSes website or contact lenses@polimi.it