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Presentation and Papers presented at the conference

1. Research on Sustainable Energy for All (RSE4A)

  • Situmbeko S., Inambao F.L., (Botswana), Economic and Environmental Analysis of Renewable Energy Systems [Presentation] [Paper]
  • Emili S.,  Ceschin F., Harrison D., (United Kingdom), Supporting SMEs in designing Product-Service Systems applied to Distributed Renewable Energy: a Design Framework & Guidelines [Presentation] [Paper]
  • Emili S.,  Ceschin F., Harrison D., (United Kingdom), Visualising Product-Service Systems applied to Distributed Renewable Energy: the Energy System Map [Presentation] [Paper]
  • Okure M., Tuhairwe F., Musinguzi W.B., (Uganda), Technical and economic viability of biogas-based electricity generation for distributed renewable energy systems in livestock communities of Uganda [Presentation] [Paper]
  • Vezzoli C., Bacchetti B., Ceschin F., Diehl J.C., Moalosi R., M’Rithaa M., Nakazibwe V., Osanjo L., Costa F. (LeNSes partners), System Design For Sustainable Energy For All. A new knowledge base and know-how developed within the LeNSes European and African project [Presentation] [Paper]
  • Vezzoli C., Piardi S. (Italy)System Campus: “lab” and “window” for Distributed Renewable Energy applied as Sustainable Product-Service System [Paper]

2. Education on Sustainable Energy for All (ESE4A)

  • Wafula J. (Italy), Sustainable Energy for All – A multidisciplinary educational approach [Presentation] [Paper]
  • Galbiati M. (Italy), Sustainable Behaviors and Energy Savings: Movie Design Projects for Promoting Good Practices [Presentation] [Paper]
  • Delfino E., Vezzoli C., Polon M. (Italy), Sustainable energy for all system design tool: the E.DRE tool, Estimator of Distributed Renewable Energy load/need and production potential [Presentation] [Paper]
  • Bacchetti E., Vezzoli C., Vanitkoopalangkul K. (Italy), Sustainable Energy for All Design Scenario: Inspiring design students towards sustainable energy for All solutions [Presentation] [Paper]
  • Kanyarusoke K.E. (South Africa), Seeding energy sustainability through transformative teaching: any way forward for sub-Sahara Africa [Presentation] [Paper]
  • Rapitsenyane Y., Moalosi R., Letsholo P. (Botswana), Transforming mind-sets of product design students towards Product Service Systems: the case of the University of Botswana [Presentation] [Paper]
  • Ramirez M. (Australia), Ecodesign practices amongst whitewoods manufacturers [Presentation] [Paper]
  • Ogunduyile S. R., Adelabu O. S. (Nigeria), Towards a Sustainable Energy Driven Economy in Nigeria: Issues and Role of Education [Presentation] [Paper]
  • Abby M.S., Da Silva I., Okure M., Lating P., Musinguzi W.(Uganda), Selection of Distributed Renewable Energy (DRE) Sites using Simple Additive Weighting (SAW) [Presentation] [Paper]
  • Mani R. (India), LED Lightly : develop “Inventing Green” course to prototype solutions for decentralized renewable energy (DRE) lighting products with low embodied energy materials  [Paper]

3. Practice on Sustainable Energy for All (PSE4A)

  • Battista E. (Argentina), Wood burning heater for Family Farming. Towards a Product Service System Service Design [Presentation] [Paper]
  • Vadaliya P., Sekar B., Agate A., Dasari M., Nahar P. (India), Low-energy lifestyle for sustainable living: Promoting Conscious and Efficient Energy Consumption through Systems oriented thinking and Design [Presentation] [Paper]
  • Xin L., Fang Z., Nan X. (China), The innovative system design and research of the ecological public toilet [Presentation] [Paper]
  • Assemble C.O., Raji A., Kanyarusoke K.E. (South Africa), Integrated solar photovoltaic and thermal system for enhanced energy efficiency [Presentation] [Paper]
  • Osanjo L., Ambole L.A. (Kenya), Design with social impact for rural communities in Africa [Presentation] [Paper]

4. Dilemma – Design, development and sustainability

  • Murungi H., Edeholt H., M’Rithaa M.K.(Kenya), Developing an alternative rural narrative in Kenya [Presentation] [Paper]
  • Catania A. (Italy), Design, agro-food and cultural heritage for sustainable local economy development [Presentation] [Paper]
  • Maré M. (South Africa), User Experience Observations with Improved Flame – Based Cookstoves Among a Sample of South African Households [Presentation] [Paper]
  • Fossati M.R., Scullica F. (Italy), Scenario based design for inclusive touristic accommodations [Presentation] [Paper]
  • Pereira de Sampaio C., Barreto Martins S., Carneiro Moreira da Silva F., Assoreira Almendra R., (Brazil), Innovation and sustainability in materials, products and business models from solid waste: a model for the R&D process [Presentation] [Paper]
  • Ratti A., Bionda A. (Italy), Antifouling wrap: a sustainable solutions for biofouling prevention [Presentation] [Paper]
  • Kandolkar V. (India), Tourism’s Unsustainable Consumption of Goa [Paper]
  • Morganti L. (Italy), A sustainable strategy in new textile and fashion design: archive’s research meet the internet communities [Paper]
  • Fennessy L., Ramirez M., Clune S., Strachan M., Lockrey S., Varadarajan S. (Australia), Building capacity for sustainable product service systems in Australian industrial design education: a reflection upon contemporary practice [Presentation] [Paper]
  • Njeru S. (Kenya), Incorporation of sustainability into fashion design degree programmes in Kenya [Presentation] [Paper]
  • Sserunjogi S., Debrah R. D., M’Rithaa M.K.(Kenya), Design for Diversity: A Glocalized Process for Socio-Cultural Respect and Identity [Presentation] [Paper]
  • Bruno D. (Italy), Feeding a world that can grow.” Solidarity and food co-operation with the aid of new systems for automatic distribution food & beverage products [Paper]
  • Appiah E. (Ghana), Developing sustainable environmental sanitation: the case of 5-STAR STREET PROJECT [Presentation] [Paper]
  • Mutungi E. (Uganda), Okujumbika: an omitted african concept of preserving energy [Presentation] [Paper]
  • Ginn A. B., Alletia C., Ralitsa D. D. (Ghana), Mapping the landscape of sustainability challenges: The case of selected graphic design firms in Ghana [Presentation] [Paper]
  • Shilumbe Chivuno-Kuria, (Namibia), Using Participatory Service Design Tools to promote development: A case of Urban San Youth in Namibia [Presentation]